Fix This Copy Of Windows is Not Genuine Error (Windows LIve)

Today I’m pretty happy to talk about the common error named this copy of windows will not be genuine fix. Windows will be the far better Operating System that what I recommend for any kind of business works, form of hosting needs choose Mac. Though windows could be the legend in the marketplace it has huge errors list helping to make the users frustrated when they’re busy using works. Among them, this error will be the most common and popular one. It pop-ups during every time you turn your PC on, it really is one of the most irritating error which I’ve encountered around my Laptop. I know how much irritating are these claims windows not genuine error is. So I thought in solving this Windows could be the genuine error if my beloved readers are facing it. This error can be quite common in build 7600.


Well, we’ll walk you through the full step-by-step process regarding how you can fix this windows not genuine error. WE will teach you why and just how this varieties of Windows error causes in addition to their precautions to avoid these type of errors. As, I have already informed you that this error generally arises in Windows 7, so that you will be reading about it copy of windows just isn’t genuine windows 7 fix.

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Why You Need To Get Rid of This Error?

There are lots of strong reasons that withstand why you should fix this error inside your computer. So I’ve mentioned them below,

  • It is regarded as the irritating error which prompts within the regular intervals which reduces your general productivity.
  • This error gradually lessens the performance of the computer, that makes it damn slow to have your work done.
  • You can’t alter the wallpaper of the computer, you happen to be left with the black background.
  • A tiny error message over the notification area, that makes it hard to remove while utilizing the snapshots.
  • The laptop battery may drain quickly should you no longer regarded removing this error.
  • Some on the features are restricted if you do not remove this error within your computer.
  • So, it had been some with the reasons for you to get gone this error.

How to Fix “This Copy of Windows is Not Genuine” Error

Hope you’ve got an image about what “this copy of windows just isn’t genuine” error actually. Here we’ve arrived with all the core part to mend this genuine error. It will work either you’ve Windows 32 /64-bit version, all you have to do is execute this as mentioned below.

Step 1:

Go to get started on menu and show off for CMD you’ll need to run the Command Prompt as administrator. In Windows 8 or later go press Windows Key + S, then enter CMD inside search box and right go through the Command prompt and run it Administrator. If you’ve administrator access it is possible to to go to the beginning menu or you may simply Press Win + R recommendations for open the Run program. Then enter CMD and press enter.

Step 2:

Once you’ve opened the Command prompt with all the administrator privatization, you’ll need to type SLMGR -REARM and press enter. then you’ll receive a successful message on the verge of restart your personal machine. Well guys, this command wasn’t working on some Windows 7 versions so it is possible to try this command: SLMGR /REARM.

Step 3:

Then you’ll want to restart your personal computer to remove windows isn’t genuine error out of your windows computer.

If you followed these steps you can easily remove this error in your computer. make sure you’ve followed the steps correctly without skipping them. Enjoy the error-free computer.

Final Words

So This is our article which is regarding how to fix this copy of windows is not genuine error.Hope you Enjoyed it and Fixed your pc problem.Because Your Happiness Our Enjoyness and This Blog (Windowslivetaskforce) is Specially created for this only to Solve Windows and Other devices Problems.

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